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Creative Conscience Awards 2019

The Open Brief was my chance to create a project that deals with any issue you’re passionate about solving. The brief asked to identify something that isn’t working in the world around you and look for a solution, however big or small.

I directed and styled an "editorial style" series of photographs that represented a young girl's inner and outer self. The aim with these series was to narrate how we can easily forget that social media is not real life and people can easily post their happy, perfectly curated "moments" instead of their struggles. I wanted to capture the "happy self" of Bee (our model) posing for her Instagram feed and her real self actually dealing with depression. Mental health is an issue that keeps on rising within teenagers around the globe and it was a very personal topic I wanted to explore within this project. I collaborated with photographer Karen Trigoso and model Bee Jones (from Named Models) for this entry. 

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